A Wash and the Above Normal

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If I said I do not believe in miracles, believe me, I saw one today.
On Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth Georgia there is an Extreme Car wash located exactly at 2350 Pleasant Hill Rd. Duluth GA 30096.
I had arrived this location from the nearby Toyota Scion, just across the road from the traffic lights.  The children were struggling to outdo each other poking their heads through one of the windows.  By this time, we were already parked inside the car wash lot.davidolali_hit-car_extreme-wash_miracle-return
This lady was going to switch places with me so that I could use the vacuum machine on her spot while she used mine to clean out the thrash and debris from her convertible (God-save us, marvel posh). Well, I James-bonded forward and backward and in a flash I was occupying the spot she just left.
I watched her as she moved forward. But while she reversed, unknown to her a fine white car, driven by an Indian man approached her from behind. GBAM!! She had hit the white car!
But I tried to prevent it (I pushed on my horn so hard and sooo long, expecting to prevent the inevitable). It was too late. There was a huge dent made into the bumper.
Both car stopped. The Asian car out, pulled out his phone, and started to call the cops. But the way he lifted his phone was also the way he put down his hands.
“What had happened”, you ask?
Yes. We — both the man and I — saw what happened, unless he would deny it. But I can’t. The bumper of the man’s car floated right back and returned into its original condition, like pristine, nothing happened. Again it was a white brand new car. There were these small popping sound in the process which takes like a quarter of a quarter of a quarter of a minute to finish. I literally witnessed the impossible. It was just at the same moment when I was approaching both vehicles to mediate or act as witness to the incident. I froze completely, utterly stunned, and my mind raced to be sure we were in the world of realities. Not in some fictive realism. The consequence of this incident was just erased–right before our eyes.
The man, puzzled, confused, stammered to restate his complaint, frustrated apparently that some sort of joke was being played on his intelligence; he requested for the lady’s license.
“I am a christian she retorted,” but I wondered what being a christian had to do with hitting someone’s car. “Nothing happened to your car,” she stated.  But in a quick bid to lay hold onto some damage claims, he said, “Take a look at it,” pointing to the lower part of his car to emphasize what he saw just a matter of seconds or minutes ago, the very spot which was hit, this time around he produced his cell phone to snap the lady’s plate number.
The miracle did not reverse itself, anyway.   And I saw it. If you ever sighted apparitions once you probably will fathom what happened to my skull in that instant when I saw this occurrence.
Should this happen regularly and normally, then there would be no need for this report. But it was strange because it was above normal(ab-normal). For the sake of sceptics–which I am part of in any– and for the sake of arguments, let us  call this occurrence a simple case of mixed happening, not miracle.  That way, we satisfy the curiosity of political correctness, without being able to deny or reverse the reality or factness of what happened–I knew it to be — and it still is — called a miracle.
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