God’s Generals in a Racialized Divine Military

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Whether in America or Africa, the divine military is a highly hierarchical and racialized or tribalized unit of command.  The closer you are to the level of scriptural interpreters, the more ‘benefits
come to you.  Ability to cordon off, and maintain absolute territorial claims to scriptures, or words of God, adds even more privilege.  But the divine military is serious business. And no other write understands the seriousness of the transactions which occur within the confines of the divine than Wole Soyinka (WS) himself.  Trials-of-Brother-Jero-WS

In his satire, Trials of Brother Jero, SW amply shows us evidence of the serious elopement of the religion category via an archetype prophet, the charlatan Jeroboam, who not unlike his then Bar Beach contemporaries uses the power scriptural familial to freight both social power and spiritual theatrics.

The question is, how can we identify the perfect performers of in this racialized military?  To those who consider scriptures as absolute authority, that is to say those who assume that there is no way human beings could manipulate the divine on the social plane, it is doubtful if one could convince them that there is hierarchy and politics in the divine military!

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