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Section One: Nigerian Differentiations: Divisions and Multiplications


  1. What is the difference between Asari Dokubo and Henry Okah?
  2. What is the difference between Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan both of Nigeria?
  3. What do Nigerians want?
  4. What is the headache of the South South (double south) in Nigeria?


To be sure: We don’t know the answers to these questions.  But the results that Nigerians themselves reproduce will most probably be the answers; we don’t think or believe that Asari Dokubo could be justified by merely coming out now to give stories about his heroism because he and Okah have problems with their ‘bedroom’ secret armed relationships.

Section Two: Questions for advanced certificate in leadership (ACL)

Question 1:  Is Asari Dokubo trying to cover up his own tracks by using the state machinery of GEJ to justify his alibi?

  • Answer: what kind of stupid question is this?  Are you suggesting that Asari Dokubo, a King in his Niger Delta village, could condescend to playing the dirty games of Nigerian politicians?  Please don’t you ever suggest that!  It is indeed deliberate attempt to smear the integrity of this honorable delta man.  Asari is a freedom fighter, and he is going to die than sell himself so cheaply to any Nigerian politicians.

Question 2:  Is GEJ aware and that Asari is putting up these information?

  • Answer: What information? You mean the ones about the arms deals between him and Okah, or the ones GEJ, sorry, OBJ supplied to… You are not asking serious questions.  We must look at the bigger problems this country is facing, and stop distracting ourselves with trivialities.  The information Asari Dokubo provides about security in Nigeria are confirmed and absolute truth, just like you would read in the Bible. Believe it or not, the man Asari has not, and cannot be rivalled in his truth-telling.

Question 3:  If Asari’s information are correct, is he not liable for further arrests and trial/prosecution?

Answer: Who will arrest Asari? You? Or the Nigerian Police? Maybe he will be arrested after GEJ, which might be after Nigeria’s existence. For he has promised, and he will never fail; his faithfulness is true.

Question 4: Why are Nigerian authorities not taking these pieces of information seriously?

Answer: Now I am not understanding why you keep talking about “information.”  This one “information;” that one is “information.”  Do you have other questions apart from information.  I did not come here to answer questions about information. If what you have are questions for or about “information,” then wait and ask them from information, not with me.

Question 5: Who are Asari and Okah working for?

  • Answer: So you do not know?   Asari is working for… ehn his people.  He is the voice of the voiceless Niger Delta people.

Question 6: What are Nigerians, especially, the Niger Deltans, saying about all these scandalous drama right in front of them?

  • Answer: (laughing) You are so funny.  Did I hear you say scandalous?  There is no scandal among the Niger Delta people. Not one that I know of.  You people are getting distracted by what is not.  The Niger Delta has never had a direct taste of the national cake, national life.  And Goodluck Jonathan is the divine way of saying, “now is your turn, o my people.” So whatever you are seeing is just an enactment of Niger Delta role in Nigeria’s rich history.  And whether you like it or not, God has ordained this for our people.  This is all I want to tell you about that for now.

Question 7:  Are these your final answers. Or you want to review and modify anything?

  • Answers: Stop intimidating me.  Your actions betray thuggery dispositions.  And I don’t appreciate that. I have tried to be civil with you and it seems that is not working.

Your result is out.

Results:  A++

Candidate: Thank you. When will I get the OON certificate?

Answer: You may write it on top of the one you currently have.

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