COVID-19: Who is Afraid of Africa?

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The gatekeepers, sorry, the gatemen of knowledge have spoken. The oracles of world wisdom, those who have the shrine of truths in their mouths and press, are telling us how things must be. How things had been! But not the way things were before “things fell apart.” And they want things to remain in their fallen state for Africa, indeed for the rest of the world, because discovery of the truth shatters myth, and sets free, a la Jesus, a son of Mary and the divine.
America’s CDC says: “There is no scientific evidence that any of these alternative remedies can prevent or cure the illness caused by COVID-19. In fact, some of them may not be safe to consume.”
Al-Jazeera reports: “Soldiers have since been going door-to-door in the Indian Ocean island country, which has reported 149 cases and no fatalities, dispensing the concoction.”
Who is threatened that Africa might become the solution to a global pandemic? This question is relevant because, from the look of things, something is already turning up like a rotten fish head, with white maggots, crawling into the space of what, already prepackaged, now appears to be “eebu” (a Yoruba word for fake, adulterated) to our brains’ faces.
Ki lo de na?
Why do westerners, so-called “civilized” people, always have to think that an African solution to any global problem should be called “local,” “indigenous,” “traditional,” and not “global” or simply a solution to COVID-19? Did the term civilize not come from the German word for culture? Then, why can’t “civilized” also be applied to Africa, when it comes to issues, solutions, ideas, etc. that affect everyone in the world?
OK, first, we were told that Africa’s religions were “primitive,” and the African peoples, “barbaric”; and now, we are not even permitted to think? Is this your idea of being “civilized? How kind! How civil!
Even in 2020, African intellectuals would allow this? First, they came to Africa, and suddenly all the knowledge systems, which had sustained ancient and classic civilizations “raptured” out of Africa. Suddenly, Africa became “primitive.” That was only because the white man entered Africa.
So, here is the deal. Africa became “the dark continent” the moment a white man “discovered Africa.” Have you ever wondered why it became historically imperative–and contingent–for Africa to be what most of us know Africa to be today? There are answers to these questions, but you do not want to know them. They are very upsetting, troubling that you might come face-to-face with truths that you are never supposed to know, not even in ten lifetimes.
This is where I often become impatient with “educated peoples” from Africa because of the intellectualization of stupidity.
Word health organization says: “Africans deserve to use medicines tested to the same standards as people in the rest of the world.”
I say: why do Africans have to wait for western nations to provide solutions to a global pandemonium if Africans already have the solutions? This is turning from being a pandemonium into a pan-demonic manifestation of regression and stagnation? The attitudes of CDC and WHO shows bias and bigotry directed against Africa and Africans.
If Madagascar claims to have a cure “for the disease that has killed more than 252,000 and infected at least 3.6 million people globally,” let WHO and the CDC get samples of those cures and subject them to–what we all know they call–science. Then, give the world the results. Stop denigrating Africa as though Africa had never once been the epicenter of world civilization before they came and “discovered darkness.”
I am appalled. Like it or leave it!
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