The Power of Enough is Enough

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Oppression is color blind. There are oppressed peoples everywhere–all around the world. In case you have not seen oppressed people, it is because you have not cared to look closely enough at your immediate environment.
But there is one secret to breaking from–at least temporarily–out of every type of oppression bondage. You just have to use the password: Enough is Enough.
Even the Great America, that we all celebrate today as the world’s biggest uncle, was born when some people decided that enough was enough.
The funny thing is that oppressor does not always mean bigger or better. Anybody, anyone could be a bully: slim, fat, black or white or brown!
Can you imagine tiny Great Britain colonizing America! How That means we ought to be skeptical each time we hear the word “great” used in qualifying, people things, places. “Great” might just as well be an expression of a subjective mood, not always factually correct.
For example, when we say: “you were born great” that does not mean you should deceive yourself that you are great. Except, of course, you believe every lie ever told.
Well, everyone was born great in that we all occupy space and have weight! However, what becomes of your entitled matter can only matter in relation to what you do for society, for and/or with yourself, what you are known for!
The language you must speak to oppression, in order to break free, is Enough is Enough.
So whenever you are truly ready to gain the freedom to your true potentials, use the password: Enough Is Enough.
Are your country’s elected leaders now despots, who have forgotten that they are mortals, use the code “Enough Is Enough.”
You must equally remember that your oppressor is not in any hurry to let you go, not without a fight. So your Enough Is Enough must have enough energy and force and brain power to withstand and defeat (vanquish? maybe. Sometimes?) the terror of oppression.
Go ahead. Try your own password: Enough Is Enough.
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