Combustible: Barring Bishop Oyedepo, Toying with the Anointed

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It is not a surprise that the United Kingdom would do something crazy with breaking scripture. A kingdom which has produced thinking revolters, from John Wycliffe to John Calvin’s (Protestant) Reformation, what goes as the English today have rolled down carpets of radical innovators in Christianity. It ought not to surprise the British Home Office, therefore, that Bishop David Oyedepo, master of Nigeria’s new Prosperity Pentecostal Gospel, takes the lead on several fronts.

Papa, as we fondly call him, is a no-nonsense personality. With Nigeria’s decrepit educational standards, began his anointed university, but because many are called, few are chosen, only the qualified gain an admittance. Other church denominations have since entered into the track.

However, what should interest us here is why the UK, of all countries in the world, would dare, or even toy with the anointing (of this great man of God?). Isn’t this disrespectful? What audacity!!!

Those who knew this man of God recognize his powers, prowess, his second-to-none status in Africa. A little more respect for this man of God who openly slapped a lady-witch without any significant action by Nigeria’s governments is called for. Actually, apart from the online foul-cries which several free online service (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) users vituperated, with some court actions (which were thrown out by Nigerian courts), the actions of Papa are, will always remain, sacrosanct; that he is untouchable flame in the eyes of God is incontrovertible, unarrestable. Problem is we may be expecting a play out of the power of anointing now that the United Kingdom has decided to touch the anointed.

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