Act NOW, President Goodluck Jonathan

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Honestly with the way Boko Haram is flexing its power militarily in the north of the country, it will be false hope to think that the terror group will not eventually over run the entirety of Nigeria.  With a history of unabated nepotism, ethnicisms, and religious bigotry, Nigeria, from the beginning of its creation, is a synthesis of fundamentalisms waiting to happen.In more recent times, some have described it as a “gun powder” about to explode.  Former U.S. ambassador to this West African country, John Campbell, persists in his description of it as a dance on brink.

Even though many Nigerians have condemned the statement credited to the State Department, that Nigeria would break up by 2015, it remains to be seen what political and military wisdom the country’s ruling elite have up their sleeves in their bid to preserver the the cadaver of a once-robust economy, a ruling class whose ultimate ambition continues to be how to remain– and die–in power.  For such the fleecing of the country’s wealth, its people, becomes no criminal act at all.  Indeed, to steal, kill and destroy the destinies of Nigerians has been a a well-executed onslaught by Nigeria’s powerful.  Whether, religious or political, the game of seeking and holding on to power is so much entrenched that even Jesus would be tri-crucified by these men of power, whose anointing for destruction of human development is better imagined than experienced.

Unfortunately, Boko Haram finds sanctification for their terrorism, first and foremost, only through the acts, failures, and performances of Nigeria’s ruling elite.  Whether PDP or APC, or any other political party, Nigerians are gradually starting to sieve through the deception called political leadership.  The fear which remains is how to forestall the country from its eventual plunge into a state orchestrated by terror in the name of God.

Boko Haram’s threat is not in vacuum, its in fact, not vacuous, as it springs symbolically from the capacity of the rulers of –the darkness in–Nigeria to habitually inflict unimaginable agonies on their own people.  This climate of terror of our rulers has reached its crescendo, hopefully, however, not with the anticipated birth of the dreamed revolution.   Instead, Boko Haram is championing a new era ordained by Allah towards the elimination of our heads, which would be soon be hanging on spikes in Nigerian streets, if Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, the president, does not read handwriting on the wall. soon enough.  At that point, nobody will be saved by “there is god oh,” “god save us all,” or  such hope-building cliches, which we have learned to perform via our unnumbered sites of scripturalization.  The day Boko Haram gets a hold of our Aso Rock, then we must all agree that Allah is great in arms.

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