Media Violence

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Technological and scientific breakthroughs in the areas of magnetic fields have advanced communications between peoples across the world. It is as a result of these feats that we are able to sit a classroom in Claremont Graduate University, California, and watch live attacks of innocent citizens in a Kenyan mall by self-ordained terror inventors. Technology is most useful in facilitating this type of communication, to expose violence which otherwise might be covered under the carpet. Thanks to satellites!
But while we praise the media for its role in ensuring we are all all aware of happenings in our environments, or take for example, while Al Roker provided us with meaningful and needed information so that we are not caught unprepared by the approaching snowstorms, it is useful to also note how certain interests within the human social segment actually profit by the sufferings of others. In this case, the media, having become stripped naked of its morality garb, assumes a “Zombicized machine” in the hands of a few powerful and blind-ly rich dudes. These are shots callers, for those who would take their becks seriously. And they are everywhere, in black or white communities; in Africa or in America. Two things conjoin them all like Siamese twins and those are rapacity and megalomania.

Africa is a cheaper platform for the perpetuation of such hybridized manipulation. But, it is also instructive to observe how the media, western or local, invents violence for the consumption and dramatization by the populace.

Take a list of the headlines or taglines of newspapers. Make a study of the rhetoric encoded in those “captivating” captions. Before you do this for two weeks you may have reached the end of your research: the media feeds us all with junk in their frenzied competition for readers? No, for buyers of their products.

Let us take a break and see what this video document has to say: don’t go away. Watch and comment.

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