On Calumnious Campers

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“..they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” Revelation 12:11
When and if in real life you open your eyes, close your heart, and wilfully (connive to) participate in various shades of oppressions, including denying others their democratic rights, the same you come online and begin to activate and act (per-form) activism, what else do we call that if not shameless?
Oh, you caught the fire of divine activism through digital mouse-clicks… Well, “dia is God…” But truth be told that sounds like fraud to some of us who are familiar with the definition of that term.
For example what has Donald Trump done that looks strange or shocking? To be shocked, or pretend it, means you have all along been absent from other people’s plights, or you were literally not around, at all.
Who is shouting gender inequality in Nigeria today? Fela, teh legend, says you must be coming from Germany! Or you are in some form of amnesic stupor, I guarantee!
About 300 school girls were kidnapped. Do you know of any members of Boko Haram who did the kidnapping when you started protesting? No I guess! But you were here, and heard that young girls many are in as low grades as K-5 and 6, were being kidnapped, and taken away to the enjoyment of some rich and powerful aristocrats’ palace, what did you do? You were here when a bishop slapped the devil out of a woman in public and camera glare, what did you do? Many of you shouted “praises to God when the man of God did the act. Afterall none of these girls were your siblings.
We can at least take a break from, or stop, pretending that we did not participate in all these social ills, together. Things have always been, will probably continue to be for a long time to come, the same system, but somehow we were shielded, or shielded ourselves, from the cold and hard facts, which to millions, were daily realities against which they contended, wrestled, for survival. 
It seems now that the subaltern with a western degree is a more degraded human being, with a greater propensity for calculated and wilful commissions and practised omissions of avoidable wickedness… If he is trained in scriptive indoctrinations, he even a bigger danger to himself. Her-selves are fledgling lionesses in the game, not any less brutal. 
When we ignore the least among us; when we look for our own opportunities, or even steal those of others in the rat race against time, we never cried for equality? When we did remove legitimate winners of elections in the name of God, conscience was locked in frozen cells of memory…
How can we do justice while wishing our own injustices be swept away, under the carpets of forgiveness or oblivion, compelled by/for/through us, unearned?
It’s all coming back to us… It’s only a matter of time! As Jesus warned, “No, and I tell you again that unless you repent…” something not good might happen (Luke 13:5).
I wish I weren’t partaking in these corporate guilts of my societies? However, to not talk about that guilt is something we should must resist, forcefully, beyond sheer will, if needed.
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