Holy Writs: Capitalism and the Slave-Horde

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The subject of capitalism has regressively progressed from Adam Smith to modern capitalism. Many countries have opened their borders to the policy makers and defenders of the ideologies of capitalism, usually after some kind of international trade or treaty ratification. And this is called Free Trade. In some cases, it is even possible to have scholars develop explanations to the effect that capitalism is just natural way; it is the way nature has been programmed to work, they will assert.

According to Osama Bin Laden, “those who condemned these operations looked at the event from isolation,” thus giving rational, logical justification for his “heroic acts”, actions we have come to know from western media outlets as terrorism.  Well, the ancient Romans had excuse for taking the vicinities surrounding them into enslavement.  It is the the only way of making civilized peoples out of “barbarians”, thereby saving them from their garb of barbarism.

So, capitalism’s most logical explanation is to open frontiers of opportunities to peoples everywhere, creating wealth on every soil, everywhere on earth.  Flowing from similar thinking is the enslavement of back peoples.  It always happens that the powerful and oppressive regime adduce divine justiciability and theocratic ordination to lord it over the other.   There is tendency for us, Christians to consciously or unconsciously, but inexcusably, become with the intent of evangelising the world, agents of oppression, if and when we are not self-aware of the impact and consequences of how we live out the life we claim.

We all have responsibility to make everyone around us better than when we first met them.  This true impact.  The errors on the part of today’s terrorists include the ill-logic that everyone of us could be forced through their violence to become what they think we should be: fearful.  However, we’  still the prerogative of certainly living normal lives as human beings, from from fear and intimidation.

To become fearful and live as slaves when we are not is not acceptable.  While terror mongers want us to see the world through own lenses, illogically arguing that their interpretations of their holy writs is the most perfect, we all community of peace-loving peoples everywhere have to demonstrate love at a higher plane, which also includes the readiness to defend our freedom and communities.


Part II unravels the connections of holy scriptures with capitalism and slavery.


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