God and Urban life

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Life’s distance in urbanity is short.

What we are experiencing today through the endless possibilities in social media and media technology innovations speaks volumes about the placement and displacement of the supernatural in the world of human beings. Not only have we mastered the art of defiance through our media via social and media interface, we have also come to new possibilities about re-emerging definitions, realignments of beliefs and of course, our meanings of rituals are and their practices are constantly making turning on new phases, assuming previously unknown faces and shaping into modern identities.
As identifying meanings and identities of places of worship continue to change, even so are places of warfare . Technology sites are increasingly becoming veritable battlefields. Imagine the various trends in internet hacking sponsored by nations against nations. United States spies on German Chancellor; China attacking US technology and defense systems. Who could have imagined these being possible without a trigger pull! Yet, this is our reality today.

In the same vein, practitioners of religion–believers and atheists alike–who are coming to terms with the shifting sites of these social, economic and political meanings of religions are the ones who are reaping the harvests bounteously, as “the laborer,” we are reminded by the great apostle named Paul, of Tarsus, is worthy of a reward.

God seems to be moving where the public moves. God seems not to remain static; even when we have finished building a great altar for God, the deity defies any forms of confinement. Perhaps, this explains, rhetorically speaking, why Abraham’s object of worship has constantly metamorphosed into various amorphous and often times hybrid versions of ritual.
God is on our streets. God is in the prisons. And you can not imagine God has left our mighty magnificent worship centers, and gone into street corners where it cold to be and remain with the homeless and hungry.
It is near inconceivable that God will not be on Wall Street where you rest assured social and media technology are at their Belbar.

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