Missing Malaysian Jet: What Do You Think?

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You have heard and just before we finish saying that wonders shall never end, another riddle comes in.   The missing jet, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a Boeing 777, went missing since four days ago, leaving search parties in frantic efforts to numb raging minds from imagining the worst possible.

The incident raises new questions about air security.  With several speculators giving different ideas about what might have happened to the jet, the CIA and FBI are reluctant to conclude that this is a terror case.  However, we have been informed that no possibility may be ruled out at this time, especially with the phones of passengers on the doomed flight still ringing.  It is also greater wonder as why many of them are seen on social media platforms without responding to messages which friends and family members and others are sending them.  This is a truly disturbing mystery.


Malaysian shaman performed a ceremony they claim will help locate the missing jet. Rahman Roslan/Getty Images via New York Tiumes

Meanwhile, all hands are on deck on both in Malaysia and abroad to locate the missing plane.   While experts are analyzing data coming in from what might be blots from an unidentified aircraft, religious and persons of faiths have begun calling upon the supernatural.  Malaysian priests are not left out.  In photo, a shaman from Malaysia performs rituals which he believes will help in locating the missing big bird.

In Nigeria, followers and fan of Temitope B. Joshua, a controversial pentecostal pastor in Nigeria and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), report that the “man of God” had in 2013 prophesied about a catastrophic doom for the missing Malaysian jet.

What do you think about this prophecy in light of the fact that new reports are coming in that the plane might still be someone, not crashed?  Or, exactly what do you think has happened to this missing plane?  Any suggestions as to how the jet might be recovered?  Feedback is appreciated.


Malaysian shaman performed a ceremony they claim will help locate the missing jet. Credit Rahman Roslan/Getty Images
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