Dr. Ronald Edward Peters, Ed.D

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Before his election as the eight President of the ITC, Dr. Peters was the Henry L. Hillman Associate Professor of Urban Ministry and the first Director of Metro-Urban Institute at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. The MUI initiative is known exclusively for distinguished cross-disciplinary projects as well as cross-cultural conversations and their effects on urban life and ministry.

General knowledge of Dr. Peter’s election as the eight President-elect of the ITC was accompanied also by a strongly articulated consensus that the health of the institution was on a certain road towards recovery.

Dr. Peters’ Presidency at the ITC opens up fresh conversations about the timeliness or readiness of black freedom. The result from this engagement is a tricky question: are our black leaders (here in the US and back home in Africa) ready to lead us to our freedom, or are they instead at ease and at peace with the system of things in this Zion?

Like the mimicry expression, “when the student is ready the teacher appears,” a statement laced with so much reductionism, knowledge of Rev. Peters’ wealth of experience is well known as rhaw_Ronald-Edward-Petersestablished fact. He has literally an impeccable record of dedication to and responsibility towards racial and economic justice and socio-political transformations crisscrossing the private and institutional spectra, it was a no-brainer that this born leader was on his way to adding another feather to the hat of his achievements. Well, as I indicated above, that journey to tackle Frankenstein was not ill-informed. It miss-informed in several ways.  As it turned out, the demons of Africa, as Africans know them, are not easily cast out, not without a fight at least.

Dr. Peters’ mission to lift the institution out of untraditional decay took another turn.

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