Violence in God’s Name and Men’s Names

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According to reports, there are 1.5 billion violence victims in the world today.  That figure has since increased since this piece was first drafted over a year ago. In Nigeria the occurrence recurrence, and dramatization of violence, orchestrated at an almost perfectly symphonic level of theatricalization, blurs Nigeria’s gerontocrats denying that these are more than mere add-ups to the stupendously terrifying statistics on the monster.

For those leaders who have never lost relatives and friends, or who themselves have never been direct victims, that is if they so perceive themselves as isolated from the violence which they helped create, the officious mannerism of their media propagandist untruth should certainly not be unexpected.  That way, the vicious cycle, momentarily denied, gains sufficient momentum to become an integral part of social culture which is accepted as normative.

Daily the world talks of dealing with violence.  Obama preaches it; Putin practices it.  But the momentum and scale of the violence surpasses anything which any words could describe in English lettering.

Warning: videos might include some graphical images:

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image source: Osun Defender newspaper

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