Destiny Changers Vs Destiny Terminators

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Some individuals are your destiny changers. And often, as you may have found out in real life, these destiny changers/destiny connectors are very very few in number.
Destiny changers are outnumbered by destiny mutilators, who also double as destiny terminators.

What you should be on the lookout for throughout, via perceptiveness and intuition, are your destiny changers. Remember, they are outnumbered; it is like you searching for a special grain of sand or a needle on the sea shore. So, don’t allow quitting be an option when you are surrounded or outnumbered by armies of destiny terminators 3.0. Recognize what you are surrounded by, or faced with, for what they are: destiny changers or destiny terminators.
Years ago, I met a destiny changer. Maybe he met me would be a more truthful way of narrating this story. But whether I say I met him or he met me, what many of you know is that I started entering into my moment of change.
May God send you your own destiny changers when you direly need them. But most importantly, may your eyes of understanding be open, that you recognize whether you have been sleeping with your enemies thinking they are your friends.
But first, set your brain and let it work. Ask yourself difficult and unsmiling questions. Frown at self-hypocrisy. If you don’t or can’t tell your self or face the truth, don’t expect your haters, or people who desire you remain on a spot, to tell you what the truth looks like. You will hear from them what they know makes you feel good, so that you can drowsily remain terminated.
Wake up. Run forward.
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