Fans and Facts: Politics of Divine Approbation

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Nobody is complaining that Islamic State is not Islam; but Islamic terrorists, we re told, are not Muslims. They do not represent Islam, the religion of peace.  That is like saying the Christian Crusades and Inquisitions did not represent Christianity.  So religion is not to blame for the Galileo saga. What sweet nonsense that tastes like! 
Give mankind a religion and you will discover mastery of geniuses.  And another kind of religion is breeding and brewing right before us: a religion of denial. 
Well, I think I am fascinated seeing how people can perfect performance of spiritual mimicry in material flesh. It is not uninteresting, actually, I think I am just discovering that what I love most about spirituality politics is the facsimile of divine approbation.
Take for example, the self-acclaimed man of God, or the one ordained by a denominational order: he or she comes forth does everything divine plus the unspeakable, all summed up under the divine rhetoric. Well, “Thou shalt not judge” will not apply to us here. We are critics, scholars, and many preachers are among us too.
Holding you accountable is the means we also try to put the leash on our selves. To keep mute while you perpetrate your idiocies disguised as divine command does not have a place with us.
Your truest character is revealed when you have power, or the slightest simulation of it, over another human being.
Those who go about killing and maiming in the name otf religion, Christianity or Islam, do so because they have, or believe they don’t have, power to inflict suffering and terror in our hearts, all in the name of God, Jesus, or Allah. It does not matter anymore what name the commander of terror is called; if he has ordered you to some spiritual cleansing exercise.
But religion is not as simple as it used to be. It is a far more complex reality. So so that when I read or hear people say religion is a private affair, I can not but laugh at their own display of contemporary and modern ignorance.
Look around you–religion is everywhere. Yet you call it a private affair. It is even more laughable when you hear secular society being used to describe places like the US!
Ah, religious has escaped our notice. It now crouches right inside our breath.
Dedicated to victims of terror and terrorism #Nigeria #Belgium #childwitches #samitauma # Crarn Children Centre
God save us now.
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