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The problem with looking for trouble is that when all hell breaks loose even Satan wants some peace in heaven.

Well Tompolo is not bigger than Nigeria; only Buhari is bigger than the laws and courts of Nigeria, and all Nigerians put together.

It will be recalled that the Buhari, to whom democracy sounds like Greek, has constantly defied court orders, judgments and injunctions, even up to telling Nigerians and the whole world on live national television that he would not heed any court injunctions which do not augur well with his caprices.

It will be safe to surmise that the warrant-issuing Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court may either have been on sabbatical or unaware that new dynamic for democracy in Nigeria has been set by the respelling of change supplanters.

Rule #1: “The fight you cannot finish don’t start it.” Jesus paraphrased

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