Christmas Joys and the Wintry Cold Realities

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We laugh-ed always during Christmas. The decided fate of chicken, turkeys, and rams does not ruffle us. Our happy mood had nothing to do with the meaning of the season, except, of course, that it applies to something to us: new clothes, new shoes. Is there need to mention that we never ever thought about the needy during these times; we were certain that our world was the same as up to the ends of the earth. This was the beginnings and formations of the persons which we eventually are becoming. This is just from one perspective. As a Muslim adult from the same era, and the same environment, they’d tell you their own part of the story as informed by their own book. Anyway, as this season comes again– and indeed it seems like it would never stop coming– just imagine the cold wintry weather and ponder what it means for the many homeless and hungry, desolate and abandoned. Yes, “that’s what they deserve,” I hear many of our Christian sisters and brothers declare.

But at least we could show some love and affection. The genuineness of our heart in doing some little kind deeds during and beyond this season has a long way to go in changing one yet unborn child’s life, though their parents be in the wintry cold of 2013 weather.

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