Happier World through Divine-Human Partnership

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Right from the time immemorial, God and humans have been in a relationship to make the world a habitable and comfortable place. The endowment of intelligence which he gave to man to influence his environment is remarkable. The product of this is what makes him to fix different issues by proffering solutions through various intervention and inventions.

The importance of his ability to reason and understand issues is to make him have the best use of the resources he has placed within his reach. The essence of faith in God is not to remove our deductive reasoning or to make us rest on our oars but to propel us to actions beyond our imagination. Faith forms the bedrock of the Christian religion. It is the belief that God will bring a particular thing to existence even though no physical manifestation yet. However, it is clearly stated in the Bible that faith without works is dead.

Many a time we got it wrong by thinking that God will do everything for us while we go to sleep. We pray and hope more for a better world and leaving out essential things that God requires from us. If we want the world to become a better place, then we must start to learn to tolerate one another. The rich should sow into the lives of the poor. There must not be any racism. Let the sad be consoled by those that are happy. The less privilege catered for by the able bodies. The widows, widowers and orphans should be made to eat honey out of the rocks of those whose barns are full of grains. The creator did not create all to be equal. He left some space for others to fill so as to encourage friendship with good relationship. All these and much more are what he expect us to do by ourselves. We must be sensitive to the needs of people around us by helping them. Trusting God on their behalf for provisions is great but we have done nothing until we are able to share with them the little we have.

If you want a long life, then start it now by playing to the rules. To mention but a few of these are observing the speed limit when driving, eating balanced diet, loosing excess weight through regular exercise to avoid illnesses associated with obesity, going for regular check-up to assess fitness as there are some diseases that can kill suddenly without premonition of symptoms, being mentally happy by taking time to ease stress, spending time with love ones as this afford the opportunities to share together issues bothering the mind and so on. These are all pointers that God has left some roles for us to play in our daily living.

It is a collective effort and absolute cooperation with God that will bring heaven down to earth.

The first step of making a change is by knowing the God of love. For those that have strong believe in God, he has made a promise in the Holy Bible that he will not forget and never cease to guide them. He has made the principles upon which he want us to live in the Holy book. He wants our attention to be focus on him and his word and by so doing we create platforms for happy lives that rub on our communities and the world in general. He wouldn’t force himself on anybody or coerce any to do things that are lawful because he has given every one the ability of deductive reasoning and sense of judgment to follow that which is good or bad.

You can be a change agent that is needed! Brighten the corner where you are with deeds of kindness. If you do that, then you have done enough.


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